Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Savage Attack of Hackers on my Blog

I need some help and advice .

Listen up everybody. My google blog account was hacked into. The intruder posted nonsense rhymes about Philly Jazz. Several posts had been deleted. Thankfully, I had also saved them elsewhere. I regained control of my blog and changed my password, but I'm not sure this will be sufficient to deter the as******.

It almost seems like sabotage to me. I mean my blog has been up less than a month and my sitemeter tab shows this blog getting -lets just say a lot of visitors- for such a young blog. Maybe somebody's not happy about that. I am a little paranoid to begin with and then this happens. Maybe its just a wicked adolescent hacker who found out how weak my password was and broke in just for fun to play a prank on me. Or it could be something more sinister. I am taking no chances. Who knows ? Perhaps, my userid and passwords I type in various forms are being monitored by a remote computer. Gotta change all those brokerage account ids & passwords. From a different terminal.

So, please-if any of my readers have any knowledge of similar problems at other blogs/websites and know what to do to combat this uncouth behavior, let me know either via comments on the blog or by emailing me directly at

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