Thursday, January 12, 2006


Marketz Intraday : Phew ! what a day

I am exhilarated. Not because I made a killing in the market (if you remember, I took profits somewhat prematurely on Tuesday. Oh my god,there was so much more to be made, especially in the SMH options). But the good news is volatility is up and as astive traders, thats all we ask for. WhetherVXN stabilizes here in the high teens or gets back to something more juicy is up in the air. But, I sense it across markets. I even see some excitement in the low beta senior loan sector, which is a sector I have targeted for long term investment (as opposed to active trading).

Did you see the sharp intraday reversal on the semis ? How about the sharp rally in the greenback. And gold barely flinches ? Too much going on. Gotta watch the tape especially in this last half-hour. Will be back later with more...

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